The Legend Continues...

In 1991, the first LGBT friendly bar in the City of Palm Springs, California was founded.  From a small storefront started over 25 years ago - StreetBar Palm Springs has grown to become an internationally recognized bar -  best known for its generous drinks, fun entertainment, great music, friendly & professional staff and its never ending efforts to make StreetBar a place where everybody can be themselves and feel welcomed.

Combined with excellent drinks, superior customer service, top entertainment and fair priced drinks, Mike Cullen & Dick Haskamp have come together to bring the best of StreetBar Palm Springs (along with a new restaurant) to one of the best cities South the Border - Puerto Vallarta.

Our intent is not to have the cheapest priced drinks, nor the most expensive. Our niche' will be in the middle - by offering reasonably priced quality drinks, along with daily Top Shelf liquor specials.  

But more than that, we will strive to offer the best in class when it comes to our decor, location, cleanliness, quality of drinks, food, entertainment and customer service.  A place where locals and tourists alike can stop by  and enjoy a drink or two with friends -  or just come in alone, and meet some new friends.

StreetBar Vallarta is determined to be an enjoyable,  fun and casual  place that many locals can call home,  while Tourists will have a "must stop" top destination bar choice while visiting Puerto Vallarta.  

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.” 
― Peter Drucker

We are located about 300 ft (90m) from this landmark pier